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Piedra Luenga Tempranillo

  • Ecological red wine made with the Tempranillo red grape that grows in the vineyard under a blanket of wild flowers. Piedra Luenga Tempranillo ferments using the autochthonous yeasts that are present in the land of the vineyard and arrive at the winery attached to the skin of the grape. The native yeasts are obtained after a year of work in the fields and give the wine the identity of the climate and the soil. The Robles family has been making wine in Montilla since 1927.

    Spanish Food Award for Organic Production 2014 Andalusia Agriculture Awards 2016


    Dark cherry color with a medium high layer, clean and bright. Sweet fruity aroma, berries and notes of yogurt. Smooth but complex palate with balanced acidity.


    Thanks to its refreshing balsamic notes, the wine pairs perfectly with cold cuts and creamy cheeses. As it is also a soft and velvety wine, it can be accompanied with pasta dishes with pesto, mushrooms or white and red meats cooked on the grill. It can also be paired with blue fish or cooked monkfish.

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