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Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez

  • Raisin wine of the Pedro Ximénez variety from our Villargallegos estate. During the "sunning" we spread the grapes harvested in August in the walkways, a place in the vineyard with a gentle slope where we take special care that the raisin is regular and homogeneous by turning the bunches by hand. Bodegas Robles is one of the few wineries that still has its own walkways, which allows us to take great care in what is considered the last artisan work in the field in Andalusia. In the winery, the raisined grapes are spread in baskets and a hydraulic press is responsible for extracting the must, which at that moment unfolds an impressive range of aromas of cherry resin, quince jellies and honey that flood the entire winery.


    WOMAN 2017 / GOLD at AWC Vienna 2016



    Bright amber color (reminiscent of cherry resin). On the nose a wide range of aromas of quince jellies and hints of honey unfolds. A highly complex, intense, powerful wine with strong notes of raisins, fig bread, caramel, nuts, with an elegant and original touch of citrus. Very virtuous and persistent wine.


    It is a dessert wine that you can really drink and enjoy after a second glass. It is a wine to accompany cakes or braunis, figs, Black Forest cake, white chocolate mousse or a fruit fondue. It is an excellent option to accompany the creamy blue cheeses not too strong and the quince paste

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