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Piedra Luenga Fino

  • Organic fine wine, with natural alcohol content and aged under a veil of flower in American oak barrels for two years.
    Biological aging. Aged under a flower veil, a layer of native yeasts that develop on the surface of the wine, preventing it from contacting oxygen. The action of the yeasts gives the wine an extraordinary aroma.


    Fragrant, delicate and powerful at the same time. Its aromas include fruity and fresh aromas, maintaining its youth, which are very characteristic of this wine and differentiate it from the others. It also has aromas of toast, veil of flower, almonds and Mediterranean bush. In the mouth it is warm and very persistent.


    Appetizers, seafood, sushi and sashimi. It is one of the rare wines that can perfectly accompany dishes that contain vinegar. Accompanies soups, stews or sauteed.

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