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Pedro Ximénez

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Bajoflor 0/6 ha envejecido durante seis años en barricas de roble en un proceso oxidativo que otorga al vino su delicado color y sabor. Una capa de lavanda, amapolas y tréboles silvestres cubre nuestro viñedo ecológico y aporta los nutrientes a la uva Pedro Ximénez. El complejo sistema de Solera y Criaderas pro- duce un vino de gran vejez que es ligeramen- te refrescado cada año con vinos más jóvenes. Una experiencia única de madurez y frescura.

Bajoflor 0/6

  • Bajoflor 0/6 has aged for six years in oak barrels in an oxidative process that gives the wine its delicate color and flavor. A layer of lavender, poppies and wild clovers covers our organic vineyard and provides the nutrients to the Pedro Ximénez grape. The complex Solera y Criaderas system produces a very old wine that is slightly refreshed each year with younger wines. A unique experience of maturity and freshness.


    Intense mahogany color with hints of gold. It surprises with an initial raisin smell and has the forcefulness of the elegant evolution (green apple), with fine additions of dried laurel and incense. Powerful and harmonious. Glyceric and delicately sweet, although dry, fresh and with increasing aromatic subtlety. The alcohol goes unnoticed and provides unctuousness to a very aromatic wine that leaves a very long memory.


    The cold kills the nuances of this wine, so it is advisable to serve it only a degree lower than room temperature. Once opened, it can last several months in perfect condition.
    It can be taken on its own as an aperitif or afternoon wine. Perfect to accompany dishes that incorporate figs, dates, maple syrup, chocolate, curry or soy sauce among their ingredients. It is a good option for smoked fish, red meat, meat stews.

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